Published Articles

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This document is a translation of my 1986 Ph.D. dissertation from scientific jargon into plain English.

Research articles:

Gibson, J. Phil, Stanley A. Rice, and Clare M. Stucke 2008. "Comparison of population genetic diversity between a rare, narrowly distributed species and a common, widespread species of Alnus (Betulaceae)." American Journal of Botany 95: 588-596.

Schrader, James A., William R. Graves, Stanley A. Rice, and J. Phil Gibson 2006.  "Differences in shade tolerance help explain varying success in two sympatric Alnus species." International Journal of Plant Sciences 167 (5): 979-989.

Vogt, J.T., S.A. Rice, and S.A. Armstrong 2003.  "Seed preferences of the red imported fire ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Oklahoma."  Journal of Entomological Science 38(4): 696-698.

Vogt, J.T., R.A. Grantham, E. Corbett, S.A. Rice, and R.E. Wright 2002.  "Dietary habits of Solenopsis invicta Buren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in four Oklahoma habitats." Environmental Entomology 31(1): 47-53.

Rice, S. A. and F. A. Bazzaz 1989. "Plasticity to light conditions in Abutilon theophrasti: comparing phenotypes at a common weight." Oecologia 78:502-507.

Rice, S. A. and F. A. Bazzaz 1989. "Growth consequences of plasticity to light conditions in Abutilon theophrasti."  Oecologia 78: 508-512.

Educational articles:
    Using calculus and a caterpillar assay to study leaf toxicity:
Rice, S. A. and J. R. Griffin 2004.  "The hornworm assay: Useful in mathematically-based biological investigations."  American Biology Teacher 66(7): 487-491.

    Using brine shrimp assays to test ecological hypotheses about toxicity of leaves:
Rice, S. A. and I. B. Maness 2004.  "Brine shrimp bioassays: A useful technique in biological investigations."  American Biology Teacher 66(3): 237-243.

    Using plants to study the physics of fluid flow:
Rice, S. A. and J. McArthur 2004.  "Water flow through xylem: An investigation of a fluid dynamics principle applied to plants."  American Biology Teacher 66(2): 203-210.

    Studying patterns of tree budburst in springtime:
Rice, S. A. 2003.  "South with the spring: A story of evolution and tree buds."  National Center for Science Education Reports 23(2): 27-32.

    Using computer science to understand DNA biology:
Rice, S. A. and J. McArthur  2002.  "Computer analogies in teaching molecular biology and ecology." Journal of College Science Teaching 32: 176-181.

    Using trigonometry to study the allometry of tree growth:
Rice, S. A. 1999. "Tree measurements: an outdoor activity to teach principles of scaling." American Biology Teacher 61(9): 677-679.   

    General interest publications also include two articles critical of creation-science (published in 1989 by the National Center for Science Education), and numerous book reviews for Academic Library Book Review, National Center for Science Education, and the Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation.  Two Tulsa World newspaper articles have appeared that have featured my research with the endangered tree species, the seaside alder.