A Quiet Stand of Alders

"The alder, whose fat shadow nourisheth
All set neere to him long flourisheth."   — William Browne, c. 1613

Photo of an alder by the river

Welcome to A Quiet Stand of Alders, the website of Stanley Rice, a science educator and writer. If you care passionately about the natural world and its evolutionary history, this website is for you.
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Announcing Stan's upcoming book:

Scientifically Thinking

How to liberate your mind, solve the world's problems, and embrace the beauty of science.

Available Fall 2018 from Prometheus Books.

Stan explains how scientists think using a process not very different from ordinary common sense. That means you don't have to be a scientist to reap the rewards of scientific thinking.
Science is not a pile of facts. It is a way of thinking!

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Latest blog post

There Are a Lot of Scientific Questions a Citizen-scientist Can Answer

To get answers to some of the biggest questions in the world today, we need to have literally millions of data points and analyze them with large computers. The best example is global climate change.

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Mostly photos of nature, many illustrating evolution

A few sealions laying down in the shade of a cactus


Archived essays that appeared on this website in 2008-2012.
New essays can be found on Stan's blogs:
Honest Ab (evolution and related scientific and social topics)
Republican Climate (politics)


Would you like your students to be actively involved citizens? Maybe you can get them started by having them write letters to tobacco corporations protesting their marketing of deadly products. Click here for instructions that I provide my students for this extra credit project.


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